Each of the testimonials you read are from real students who attended or are attending an OHSA member college.

Sarah - October 2006 to August 2007
Had these emotional words of encouragement and thanks:

As you walk through the door into a strange place no knowing anybody, only knowing what is in store is 1500 hours of training.  It may seem like a long time but before you know it your time is up.  New people come in everyday.  They are not just clients.  By the time they leave your chair they are your friend.  Within a few weeks the students are no longer classmates - they are your teammates.  Friendships are born here! 

So when your 1500 hours are up your never really finished.  When you take your last step though that door, the memories of the teachers, those students that left before you and the clients that touched your heart will remain with you forever.  This college goes beyond designing hair... it designs you for success and prepares you for the real world.

Peggy Mc Intaggart/Seagren
Attended an OHSA college and can tell you how she reached the STARS and continues to ROCK with her training:

I really enjoyed going to your school back in 1983.  It was such a beautiful experience for me with the wonderful teachers and of course of sense of love and care for your students.  It has been one of the best experiences that I have had in my life.  I had a lot of laughter and learned so much about the art of hair.  I also loved learning the integrity of developing a client base. 

I now live in Los Angeles, California and am using my Hair Design Education on Star Requested Clients here.  I have worked on many celebrities.  I work on T.V. shows like Entourage etc.  I have a résumé of many Stars in this town.  I am also know for my talents with many well known current Rock Stars.  I reflect often of my experience at your School and I thank you for making it one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.  It has taken my far into the world of Hair.


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